Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Holiday Game Plan

I have been working on several posts. I have 3 drafts sitting waiting to be finished, but it is that time of year and well, time is just going so fast. I wanted to finish a recipes post that I started, but I read something last night that EVERYONE needs to know. 

I was looking for a pumpkin "pie" dessert and while paging through The Biggest Loser Dessert Cookbook I found "The Thanksgiving Game Plan" which I think works well for all celebrations. And seeing as I have several coming up in the next 30 days I thought what better way of showing my gratitude to all of you then by sharing this important Biggest Loser knowledge. Here it is, found on page 174. If you want to buy the cookbook check out The Biggest Loser Website on NBC.

Thanksgiving Game Plan

#1. Give Yourself Permission. 
If the Thanksgiving meal is a special one for you, plan to enjoy it. Make an agreement with yourself that it's okay to have one splurge day.  You've worked hard enough thus far, and enjoying Thanksgiving dinner is not going to ruin all of that hard work

#2. Frame Your Splurge
Limit your indulgences to just one meal, not the entire weekend. A key to weight-loss success is learning to keep your exercise program and eating structure healthy the day before and the day after your celebration. This is called "framing" your splurge.

#3. Have a Plan
To make #2 work, you'll need to plan out the details so that you can stay on track. Can you make sure that you stick to your calorie budget on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving? If you are traveling, can you plan out your exercise for the four-day weekend? Be sure to pack any workout clothing or gear you'll need and be prepared.

#4. The Splurge
Remember that a holiday meal is NOT your last one on the planet Earth. How can you maximize your pleasure, fully enjoy the meal, but still feel like you made good decisions? One strategy is to not come into the meal famished. It may be tempting to "starve yourself" before the meal, but that will only set you up for overeating once you sit doen to the table. The goal is to have a great time and enjoy your company. Give yourself permission to eat the foods you love, and savor them.

#5. Take Pride in Your Recovery
The next day, it's time to get back on track. If you overate, don't beat yourself up about it. If you did well with your choices, then congratulate yourself. Your overall success depends on how quickly you can recover from these special days. If your Thanksgiving normally spills over into Friday or Saturday, can you do it differently this year? It's important to get back on track as quickly at possible and avoid consuming high-calorie leftovers in the coming days.

Lastly, I love to cook and bake. It is one of my most favorite things to do. This year I am looking for mor things to fill my time. I will be working on the Thanksgiving Holiday this year (don't worry I will be celebrating on Friday) but Ryan found a 5k for us on Sunday and I am really focusing on non-food things to do. Crafts with the kids and music, oh and to fill the place of warm cinnamon smelling baked goods I am burning a Glade candle. 

Remember, it hurts to overeat. 
So enjoy, but you are not the don't need to be stuffed.
Happy Thanksgiving, from Phat Chances.  

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